Sunflower Wellness Retreat

ADHD, ADDAlcoholAngerAnxietyBenzodiazepines
United States
30 days*
Joint Commission
Sunflower Wellness Retreat in Osawatomie, Kansas, United States offers a comprehensive approach to recovery in the Midwest.


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Sunflower Wellness Retreat is a rehab center located in Osawatomie, Kansas. It offers a range of residential and outpatient services for individuals struggling with addiction, mental health issues and other related conditions. Their experienced and compassionate staff use evidence-based treatments to help people on their journey to recovery. They provide an array of therapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, and holistic approaches, to help clients achieve their goals. The facility also offers family support, life skills training, and aftercare services. Located in the Midwest, Sunflower Wellness Retreat provides a safe and supportive environment that enables clients to develop the tools they need to achieve lasting sobriety and improved mental health.

Sunflower Wellness Retreat is a place of healing and hope. They understand that recovery is a journey and strive to provide individuals with the necessary resources and support to successfully embark on this journey. Their experienced and compassionate staff work with clients to develop individualized treatment plans that meet their specific needs. Sunflower Wellness Retreat also provides a wide range of holistic therapies. These include yoga, meditation, and nature walks, which can help clients find inner peace and balance. With the help of this rehab center, individuals can gain the skills and knowledge needed to overcome their addiction and achieve long-term recovery.

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Facility Information

Cost: $15,000 *
Length: 30 days *
Occupancy: 16 to 30
Accreditation: Joint Commission
Location: 29875 W 339th Street Osawatomie, KS 66064
Languages: Spanish, English

* The duration of the treatment and its cost are indicative and may vary. If you want more specific information, please contact to the center directly.