Spruce Mountain Inn

AnxietyCo-Occurring DisordersDepressionObsessive Compulsive DisorderPost Traumatic Stress Disorder
United States
9 months*
Experience serene recovery in the beautiful New England setting of Plainfield, Vermont at Spruce Mountain Inn.


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The Spruce Mountain Inn in Plainfield, Vermont, United States is a top-tier rehab center in New England. Offering a range of treatments, therapies, and activities, they specialize in helping individuals recover from addiction and other mental health issues. Their experienced staff provide a safe and supportive environment, as well as personalized care and guidance. They also offer group therapy, art therapy, and holistic treatments, such as yoga and meditation. Clients can take advantage of their on-site amenities, including a fitness center and an outdoor pool. With a mix of traditional and alternative approaches, the Spruce Mountain Inn is dedicated to helping individuals achieve long-term sobriety and a healthier lifestyle.

The Spruce Mountain Inn's commitment to the well-being of their clients is unmatched. They offer a personalized treatment plan tailored to each individual's needs and goals, ensuring that all clients are able to achieve their desired results. Their experienced staff, including certified addiction counselors, provide compassionate care and support throughout the recovery process. With a variety of activities and therapies, they provide a comprehensive approach to treatment. And with an on-site fitness center and outdoor pool, clients are able to stay active and healthy. Through their evidence-based approach and individualized care, the Spruce Mountain Inn helps individuals achieve and maintain long-term sobriety and mental wellbeing.

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Experience serene recovery in the beautiful New England setting of Plainfield, Vermont at Spruce Mountain Inn.
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Facility Information

Founded: 1982
Cost: $112,050 *
Length: 9 months *
Occupancy: 16 to 30
Location: 155 Towne Avenue Plainfield, VT 05667
Languages: English

* The duration of the treatment and its cost are indicative and may vary. If you want more specific information, please contact to the center directly.