Building Bridges

Thompson Falls,
United States
12 to 15 months*
Joint Commission
At Building Bridges in Thompson Falls, Montana, United States, we strive to help individuals build bridges to a brighter future.


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Building Bridges is a rehab center located in Thompson Falls, Montana, United States. They provide personalized, compassionate care to individuals in need of assistance. Their holistic approach to recovery focuses on the physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being of patients. They offer a wide range of treatment options, including group and individual therapy, nutrition counseling, and relapse prevention. The staff at Building Bridges is highly experienced and dedicated to helping individuals overcome their addictions by providing support and guidance. They also provide a range of aftercare services to ensure that individuals remain on the path to recovery. Building Bridges is committed to helping individuals overcome addiction, and they strive to provide the best possible care to every patient.

At Building Bridges, they understand that recovery from addiction is a process that takes time and effort. They provide a safe and supportive environment that encourages individuals to take positive steps towards lasting recovery. Their team of dedicated professionals works to develop individualized treatment plans that are tailored to the unique needs of each patient. They also provide education, resources, and support to help individuals better understand their addiction and develop the skills to remain sober. Building Bridges is committed to helping individuals overcome addiction and live healthy, fulfilling lives.

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At Building Bridges in Thompson Falls, Montana, United States, we strive to help individuals build bridges to a brighter future.
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Facility Information

Founded: 1996
Length: 12 to 15 months *
Occupancy: 16 to 30
Accreditation: Joint Commission
Location: 502 Preston Ave, Thompson Falls, MT 59873

* The duration of the treatment and its cost are indicative and may vary. If you want more specific information, please contact to the center directly.